Julian Summerhill

is a singer-songwriter poet multi-instrumentalist who has worked with a wide range of artists and musicians, including –
  • A Tribe Called Quest ~ as co-writer and keyboardist on Midnight Marauders – Chase Part II
  • Bill Frisell ~ as lyricist and vocalist on American Blood/Safety in Numbers (under the name Victor Bruce Godsey)
  • Jack Bruce ~ as touring vocalist and keyboardist
  • Parliament-Funkadelic ~ as opening act (original keyboardist with Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame)
  • Allen Ginsberg ~ as bandleader and artistic collaborator whose work with Ginsberg can be accessed at Stanford University Archives

His song "Closer to my Lord" can be heard in the new Chely Wright documentary ~ "Wish Me Away"

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Hanging with Chely Wright at SF Frameline Film Festival

…a glorious triumph at the historic CASTRO…our feet didn’t touch the ground for hours…tears…laughter…and the moving of mountains…


Julian’s Playlist

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Frameline Film Festival

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